The finest place for a cozy live concert isn't in Dallas. It's not in Fort Worth or Austin. It's right here in Cleburne, Texas. The Songbird Live is a music venue built for the ideal listening room experience.

The room is all about sound! The hardwood floor space is complimented with a completely new JBL sound system, including two 18" subwoofers, a 44-channel soundboard. Our experienced professional sound engineer tweaks the sound to be perfect, whether the musician is a concert pianist performing on the new Steinway piano, or a blues band with a full drum kit, every professional musician needs the sound to be just right!
A listening room is unique. The goal is to create an environment where guests can come in and enjoy a connection with the music in an intimate setting. It's a place to have a drink, bring your friends, and relax, and when the show starts, you focus on the music.

The venue places its guests in comfortable seating with an unobstructed view of the elevated 7' x 21' stage. Each performance includes two 45-minute sets, with an intermission, allowing plenty of time to stretch your legs and get refreshments.
2023-24 Season
Street parking is abundant up and down E. Henderson Street. There is also public parking in the parking lot immediately behind the Songbird Live! building.

The entrance to the parking lot is located on Robinson Street, between Chambers Street and E. Henderson Street.